SVVRT-054 素人バラエティ 青春汗舐め!運動部J〇に土下座してお願いする、全身を隈なく舐めさせて頂くチャレンジ!敏感な性感帯をねっとりリップしまくったら、中出しエッチも許してくれる!?

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This time, we have a wonderful project where we ask J〇 on his way home from club activities to lick his sweat right after exercise! When I licked her face, armpits, navel, legs, and soles, J〇 was shy at first and said, ``That place definitely stinks, so it's embarrassing...'' but she got a little excited and said, ``Oh, my heart.'' ! If you keep licking the erogenous zones that are wet, you can't resist the pleasure and reach climax.